Verdizela is located only 30 minutes away from Lisbon.
Beside a protected area, with a moderate climate due to its proximity to the sea, it is suitable for outdoors activities all year round.

The sports park of Verdizela is set in a forest area, it has picnic areas, a playground, as well as sports facilities for: padel, tennis, volleyball, football, basketball and more.

A few steps away “Arriba Fóssil” allows shady, pine scented walks leading to spectacular views over the beach and ocean below.
Down the cliff lies “Fonte da Telha” beach known for its golden sand, seafood restaurants, fishing community, and water sports activities.
On the coastline that goes from “Fonte da Telha” to “Trafaria” there are 28 golden sanded beaches, where you will find all kinds of restaurants and beach bars, many with live music especially on summer nights.

Westwards in “Baía do Seixal” there is an old industrial route that leads to an old cork business company, an ancient gunpowder factory, and a till mill which is part of an eco-museum.

With a wide river front Seixal has the perfect conditions for nautical recreation and magical sunsets that are reflected on the water. Hop aboard a frigate boat from the pier dock and enjoy wildlife watching through a set of sea arms that form small singular river islands and provide visitors with a unique view of Lisbon.